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  • Who are we
    We are a Boutique Consulting Firm offering consultation, mediation and support for international individuals and corporations with the Main Focus on Transition and Transformational processes. We are your reliable partner in solving issues thru Innovation-Change-Crisis management and Mediation services.
  • What are we doing
    We are solving problems. We are assisting you in complex, complicated or challenging situations. More explicitly - we can be your reliable partner when you must either review, reconsider and resolve an issue . Our approach is based on reshaping the conflict, in converting it from a threat or a fear into an opportunity. We are specialized in developing best practices that increase and sustain the Growth , Success and Well-being as well as offering valuable support for Change and Transition processes
  • Whom are our services for
    Our services are addressing individuals or corporations who find them self in complex, complicated or challenging situation. The conflict solving structure behind is based though on the corporation plan, it has the business approach because we like to keep things cleared stated, planned, implemented and easy to follow up with . One section of our services is dedicated to Expats individuals and families to make sure they have the proper support during life changing events, both for personal well-being and professional success. We are offering support to businesses, corporations, International Schools (employees, students and their families) so they can have a smooth and comfortable transition to new beginnings.
  • How will this be
    As stated above- the process will be structured. It will have a plan , and the plan shall be followed until the desired outcome will be achieved. Since our services include an array of different consultations topics, every consultation is custom-made, specifically designed and detailed planned according to the matter that needs our attention , but here are some common parts of what the process would look like for you : First, we listen . Our aim is to fully understand your needs and expectations, in details. Custom made solution. Just like how your challenges and objectives are Unique, are one of a kind, we decide and create together eloquent content and working material tailored to fulfill your specific needs. Straight to the point. Our terms , conditions and working agreement are simple, clear and respect & common sense based. Together we set clear goals, we trace easy to follow procedures and we expect fast achievable and long-lasting results. We are here for you . We have a genuine affinity towards supporting people, accompanying them in finding the right solutions for their needs and desires , and we have a natural skill of fixing things , regardless the topic. We are simply There For You ! We have good connections. We are not experts in everything, and we will never say we are experts in everything. If some of the matters need another opinion- we are gladly recommending one of our partners from our extensive network. Follow up, follow through. We consider collaborative follow-up briefings essential to every project. We make sure that you finish what you started and you successfully reach your goals.
  • 5 Stars Experience
    Our philosophy , our concept and our Aim is your full satisfaction. Over the years we developed and improved our Customer Support and Satisfaction policy to the State of Art . This is how and this is why we deliver bespoke services during our sessions or programs but also after that.
Innovation & Change
Teenagers advisory
Lifestyle consultancy
Early personal development

Innovation-Change-Crisis management

Every Crisis that Break You is actually an Opportunity that Make You !

Crisis management  provides the opportunity and mechanisms for Change to those who are feeling overwhelmed by their current situation, who have exhausted their skills for coping, and who are experiencing personal discomfort.

Within this process we identify, assess, intervene and cooperate so as to restore balance and reduce the effects of the crisis in his/her life. The individual is then connected with a resource network to reinforce the change. Thus, as the Chinese characters suggest, crisis truly holds the opportunity for change.

Mediation & conflict resolution

The right approach of a conflict can lead to unexpected positive results

Conflict is a common, inevitable part of life. It exists because people don't always get along or agree. When conflict is resolved effectively, it leads to many benefits, such as accomplishing goals and strengthening relationships.


Conflict can be very healthy. It increases awareness of problems that exist and provides a reason for finding a better way forward. When conflict is valued it encourages an environment where change is seen as positive – a way of making things better.

Lifestyle consultancy

In transition times discover the advantages of New life, New perspectives, New beginnings

Life restyling events may occur any time. They might be the result of planned and positive events (having a child, start a new business, etc ) or unplanned events (most likely associated with dramatic, tragically  losses)  that cause us to leave behind the comfort zone and leads us to new ways of living . Depending on the Mindset that one has , one can choose between having either a Life Crisis or a New Beginning.

Be THE ONE - Teenagers Advisory

You are who you choose to be! Define your Lifestyle, embrace your uniqueness.

Valuable training program for young adults during adolescence transition time to define their Lifestyle and embrace their uniqueness when Body (physical growth) , Mind (cognitive improvement)  and Emotions are constantly changing . The training provides support in conscious decision- making processes    and adoption of ethical  lifestyle behaviors that will impact their  future. 

Early personal development

Your child is your Masterpiece.

A good Future starts with a good  plan . The training is focused on presenting children the advantages of right values and right skills that will accompany them in all stages of their lives. Later in time is up to them to compare and choose what is best for them but meanwhile when you have only good choices to choose from,  you can’t make bad decisions! consulting, business, startup

                                                        Expected outcome of the program: Enhanced:

                                                  Good manners   Respect  Honesty  Empathy  Kindness  Responsibility                                                   Sense of Justice  Generosity  Positivity  Altruism  Self confidence  ACR                                                         (alternative conflict resolution)  

                                                        Expected outcome of the program: Enhanced:

                                                  Respect   Good manners   Self Awareness   Self control   Assertiveness                                                           Logical thinking   Creative thinking   Risk evaluation   Decision making                                                       ACR (alternative conflict resolution)

                                                        Expected outcome of the program: Enhanced:

                                                  Adaptability Balance Calmness  Empathy Innovation Moderation Purpose                                                   Peace

                                                        Expected outcome of the program: Enhanced:

                                                  Calmness  Respect  Empathy  Moderation  Optimism   Creativity  Peace                                                       Empowerment

                                                        Expected outcome of the program: Enhanced:

                                                  Adaptability    Innovation   Creativity   Optimism   Calmness  Respect                                                         Empathy  Moderation   Peace  Empowerment

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