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"New times, new rules, new ways." Patricia Vlad

"Change is the new Normal, but How will I handle it?"

We hear this question lately more then never before.

This is not surprising us, because handling Change is what we do best!

Thanks to the experience achieved in 17 years of multidisciplinary management position, in the last 5 years we could provide successful consulting services to individuals that didn't precisely needed but they deliberately chose to have a second opinion, our opinion and support for matters that in transitory situations put them in doubt.


Over 25 start-up companies choose to have us as their Trusted Advisers, their external support for business tactics, strategies as well as practical advises and moral support to keep themselves positively focused.

Not only business matters need attendance but also private ones, that is how the Bespoke Lifestyle Consultancy founds its place into our cooperation list. Exclusive consultancy  to elite clients of all ages during deliberated or spontaneous life transition times is one of our latest service but a very effective one. Mindset setting or mindset shifting plays an important role in all aspects. It can either make or break a business target or a personal goal.

It was a pleasure to share our vision and knowledge with all our business partners, to discover together with them either new inventive ways of adapting themselves or their businesses to new trends , or creating innovative business solutions for an environment that changes fast, for an environment where Change is the new Normal.

By choosing to cooperate with us, you will get assistance and personalized response plan for:

  • Personal break through, highlighting positive qualities in order to increase self-awareness. 

  • Creating new behaviors and mindsets that will help you to see ahead and adapt better and faster.

  •  Ability to think differently and demonstrate agility, to get ahead of the issues.

  • Creating self-management skills, crucial in times when social contact are limited or restricted.

  • Creating a culture of resilience both in business and private matters.

  • Develop Empathy in times of digitization and Artificial Intelligence -the only asset that computer can't replace.   


For Youth Programs we provide assistance and support for:

  • Personal break through, highlighting positive qualities in order to build-up and increase self-awareness. 

  • Building up confidence or a positive self-identity by implementing a Positive Mindset.

  • Building up self esteem, self respect and respect for others.

  • Building up connections to family, peers and community.

  • Building up competence in academic, social, and vocational areas.

  • Building up and improve EQ- (Emotional Intelligence), and successfully expressing emotion to others.

  • Engagement in constructive activities, emphasis on team work and accountability, awareness of contribution to a goal achievement.

  • Counseling and personal development talk for focusing on their leadership skills.

  • Encouragement and support of entrepreneurial spirit and initiatives.

  •  Meet & Greet -“Examples worth to  follow”, Role Model.

  • Understanding and appreciating the advantages of Top Management positions.

  • Bespoke lifestyle consultancy for transition or challenging times.

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