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Case Studies

"Tell the world what you intend to do, but first Show it"

Napoleon  Hill

            Over the years The One Consulting had the chance to work with amazing partners, achieving not only the desired goal, but far beyond that too.
          Those amazing partners reached out to us because first they Needed our support. And they got it. And they were fully satisfied.
           For us and for them the magic came after that first cooperation. After they've discovered the value of our services they choose to stay in our partnership because they Wanted us to be there, to provide that second opinion, to give a straight and honest answer to "What do you think about that" type of question, to get not the answer they want to hear but the answer that is working in their best interest and benefit.
           By this recurring partnerships it has been proven that The One Consultancy firms detached itself from other consultancies firm through the Holistic approach, the "whole brain approach" to problem solving.
           Our services imply more then cognitive instruction, studies, data analysis and presentations, our services implies significant attention to intuition, holistic judgment, creativity, empathy and self-awareness.
           Here at The One Boutique Consulting Firm we are using our emotions and conscience as well as our ability to actually DO Things and Create Things rather than merely think and talk about it.

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