Case Studies

"Tell the world what you intend to do, but first Show it"

Napoleon  Hill

            Over the years The One Consulting had the chance to work with amazing partners, achieving not only the desired goal, but far beyond that too.
          Those amazing partners reached out to us because first they Needed our support. And they got it. And they were fully satisfied.
           For us and for them the magic came after that first cooperation. After they've discovered the value of our services they choose to stay in our partnership because they Wanted us to be there, to provide that second opinion, to give a straight and honest answer to "What do you think about that" type of question, to get not the answer they want to hear but the answer that is working in their best interest and benefit.
           By this recurring partnerships it has been proven that The One Consultancy firms detached itself from other consultancies firm through the Holistic approach, the "whole brain approach" to problem solving.
           Our services imply more then cognitive instruction, studies, data analysis and presentations, our services implies significant attention to intuition, holistic judgment, creativity, empathy and self-awareness.
           Here at The One Boutique Consulting Firm we are using our emotions and conscience as well as our ability to actually DO Things and Create Things rather than merely think and talk about it.

Case Studies Business Consultancy

Innovation and Change

Partner: P & Söhne GmbH- carpentry and wood crafting family company Challenge: Before 2020 they were running the business thru physical shops. Due to pandemic lock down they must take their business online. Solution: Together with our partner we decided that having an online shop was not an option but a must, also the product portfolio was enlarged with DIY craft kit and a YouTube channel for video instructions. Result: Not only that the company P & Söhne GmbH managed to overcome the initial challenges but together we achieved to adapt, update and reinvent their services for the current market. *** The context that caused initially a company crisis was leading in the end to company transformation, to an evolution of business trajectory and to successfully implementations of processes that will sustain P & Söhne GmbH on the current market ***

Digital Transformation

Partner: M& F - Transport and Logistics company Challenge: Keeping track on assets, low productivity and efficiency of daily business Solution: Together with our partner we identified and replaced their current system with modern software and hardware Result: By implementing the new system M& F - Transport and Logistics company managed to overcome the initial challenges by being able to live track their assets, and they increased the productivity by providing more transparency to their customers, and by assign new jobs for their assets.

Marketing Consulting

Partner: H.S- boutique creation atelier. Challenge: H.S was displaying and selling her paintings in restaurants. She needs new way to advertise. Solution: Together with our partner we decided to create a Brand identity, to develop a marketing strategy plan, advertise via multiple marketing channels. Result: By creating a brand identity H.S was detaching herself from the "Restaurant Artist" perception and self-perception, her new "open-mind" allowed us to elaborate a bold a marketing strategy plan that in the end brought her work closer to more potential buyers. We created the perfect marketing campaign, we used digital advertising channels and witnessed the progressive evolution of our clients business beyond both our expectations.

Change Management Consulting

Partner: I&H Recruitment company Challenge: The company must reshape itself to overcome the current reality, while keeping the business running and reassuring their employees that everything will work out well. They need total support and cooperation from their employees. Solution: Together with our partner we decided to identify and analyze the best alternatives and options for this transition phase, choosing to implement a digital work environment and reassigning tasks among the employees, introduce the new strategy to all employees, perform 1-to-1 meetings to whoever had extra questions or concerns. Result: After the detailed business replanning, the company was on the right course, and by offering transparency and support to their employees- I&H Recruitment reestablished the trust, revived the team spirit and got the total support for running the business further.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Parts: P.C GmbH- Start-up company (software development) 3 capital investors Dispute: P.C GmbH was attracting 3 investors towards a business plan of developing a high tech product. After 2 years P.C GmbH still didn't launch the product, so that the investors asked for reimbursement. P.C GmbH was investing all the capital in software development and running costs for essential employees, and they had no more founds.
Solution: P.C GmbH came with the proposal to sell the software they have developed. The problem is that the potential buyer they found, needs the software to be reprogrammed and adapted to his business needs. In order to adapt the software P.C GmbH needs another round of investments. The 3 investors don't want to finance anymore; they fear that their lose would be augmented rather then diminished. After considering the options, analyzing the situation and the risk factors, the investors agreed with an extra investment round. Result: After successfully developing and selling the new software , P.C GmbH was able to reimburse the investors and the dispute was closed.

Corporate Lifestyle

Partner: B.M.I - software development Challenge: Evaluating the effects of New Normal on the employees on personal level; providing support on how the transition can be done smoother. Solution: Together with our partner we decided to provide complementary personal consultancy to reassure the employees that they have the company support even in home office. Result: The company was fully aware that its professionals were obliged to adapt to Corporate flexibility (working from home), to drastic cancellation of trips, events, social and professional contacts, office benefits (recreational rooms, complementary food and drinks, wellness sessions, etc ) that were keeping the employees motivated, satisfied and productive. B.M.I proactively took measures to support its people from the negative impact of the sudden change in their lifestyle and reinforced their connection on personal level.

Personal Development

Partner: AM&C - internet hardware products Challenge: Supporting the professional advancement and personal growth of their employees. Solution: Together with our partner we decided that the best way to support personal development was to provide professional training by creating a knowledge base of essential information and best practice examples, to coach the managers how they could be them self better coaches, to sustain and facilitate the cross department communication and collaboration, to focus on personal development on holistic level, by emphasizing Emotional Balance, Intellectual Growth and Physical Health. provide complementary personal consultancy to reassure the employees that they have the company support even in home office. Result: Company AM&C understood that taking care of their employees on personal level is vital during current situation sessions, etc ) that were keeping the employees motivated, satisfied and productive. B.M.I proactively took measures to support its people from the negative impact of the sudden change in their lifestyle and reinforced their connection on personal level.

Case Studies Personal Consultancy

Lifestyle Reshaping

Partner: Family Martinez - recently moved to Germany. Challenge: The language and culture Barrier, settling in a new environment, fitting into the dynamics of the new culture. Solution: Together with our partner we decided to have whole family sessions, but also private ones with each family members. We have identified a few common solution as well as individual solutions according to their specific needs and wishes. Among other, we have found necessary that all family members :

  1. ​took local language classes
  2. expand the network of local people
  3. accept and integrate into local culture
  4. subscribe to Spanish expat groups
  5. ask for support when needed
  6. increase communication within family .
Result: Although at the beginning they were on the verge of a crisis, Family Martinez choose to have a new beginning. By taking the actions that we agreed on, the family:
  1. learned the local language and could integrate faster to the new culture
  2. realized that the local people are different then the stereotype rumors they heard
  3. realized they can find support from peers with similar circumstances
  4. learned that communication keeps the family united and strong
  5. learned that Home is a feeling and not a place.

Transition Times

Partner Benjamin V. R- 15 years old Challenge: confused about everything. Solution: Define and express what he wants, create small ongoing goals, finding age-appropriate peers for him, finding his role models, finding his motivation factor. Result: Together with our partner we agreed on having a deeper analysis of things that he wants; we created an action plan How To make those things happen. Also we made a list of things that he didn't want and had a action plan How Not To let those things happen. During our sessions Benjamin:

  1. gain clarity about himself as a person
  2. for the first time had ideas about his future, design by Him not by someone else
  3. was feeling "in charge" of his life and that gave him the confidence and was motivation to achieve his plans
  4. understood how to choose peers that would support him reaching his goals and avoid those who would diverts him from reaching his goals.

Mediation Teenager vs Parents

Parts: Julian S Anne & Johann S. Dispute: Julian's poor school performance results. Julian is 17 years old, according to his parents he spends too much time on social media and is neglecting his studies. They have invested a lot of time and resources in his education, and they don't want him to jeopardize his future. Julian's point of view is that he is not spending too much time on social media. He is young, he needs his friends, and his grades are still good to sign in to University .
Solution: Together with the parts we were analyzing the acceptance rate and the minimum grades necessary to be accepted at the University that Julian wanted to attend; (Julian grades were bellow those). The parents believe that his school performance is reducing rapidly, and he will not be able to catch up with the University requirements. Julian understood the genuine concern of his parents, and realized that was in his best interest to improve his grades. Result: By choosing the Mediation to solve the dispute with their teenager son, the parents expressed their consideration to him as a young adult and not as a child. His voice was listened and his opinion had the same value as their opinion. He was trusted as a grown up, and he was expected to act like a grown up.

Early Personal Development

Partner: Family Bergemann and Sophie Purpouse : children personal development Solution: Together with the parents we involved Sophie in more social contact, in more Show & Tell games, in team work activities. All those proactive measures helped create new Emotional Intelligence skills that Sophie would use to develop herself in the future. Result: The child gathered in a short amount of time necessary skills to make more friends, to understand better her teachers, to trusted herself and talk more to her family, to develop age-appropiate independence from her parents.