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A Boutique Consulting for Innovation, Change and Crisis & Conflict management consultant

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

What does it really mean?...

It means that we are a bespoke consultancy firm that assists individuals and companies who are facing challenges during Transition and Change times.

It means that together with you as our partner we are overcoming the Excitement of Innovation, Uncertainty of Change and we approach differently Crisis & Conflicts.

We are your reliable partner for creating unique solutions, for creating the right mindset to successfully integrate Innovation, Change and Alternative Conflict Resolution in our “new normal” life and see those as opportunities and not as threats.

We are Change consultants

The One Consulting partners with you to assess your change readiness, and align your change strategies with new priorities and business or personal requirements. We'll help you find solutions as you adjust and implement change within your private life or business.

What we do :

  • We help decrees the impact that change has on an company, its culture, its people, and its ability to accomplish its vision and mission

  • We are supporting personal growth and personal development through different coaching and learning techniques

  • We bring the right skills and resources that lead to clearer and more effective communication

  • We encourage Emotional Intelligence as a prime factor in the Transformation process, Change process and Conflict resolution

  • Change consultants help to provide the tools that individuals and organizations need in order to implement change in the least disruptive, most efficient, and effective way.

To summaries, when partnering with a change consultants, there are two major expectation to be considered :

We expect from you to have a crystal clear task, goal, wish and The Will to do it, and you should expect from us that we bring the techniques and the “Know How” to be able to take measures right away.

We are Innovation consultants

When referring to innovation, we are actually referring to of ingenious and unique creations that are fixing a problem and provide a solution. In fact , creativity is at the root of innovation as theory but creativity does not guarantee innovation (the materializing of the theory )

Considering the approach above would be correct to say that Creativity is the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, while innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas.

As innovation consultants we provide expert opinion, analysis, and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on our own expertise. We are the necessary connectors between good ideas and ingenious results.

What we do :

Consider the following scenario : You come to us because you need to innovate your products or your services or even yourself. Expect the following questions to arise

  • What’s wrong ? We reveal, analyze and fix broken processes. We also filter your existing assets and/or skill

  • How about...? We provide you a fresh perspective, after all - When you do what you always did , how you always did it, you will get always the same result. A contra productive approach if you want innovation

  • "Yes, this is what I want !" A crystal clear goal setting to clarify the clients vision

  • Let’s check what we have and what we need. While part of it is done (see point 1) next we will brainstorm for new opportunities

  • Let’s see how we put things together! Once the points above are checked , we must develop the must have strategies for our new project

  • Let’s do that ! As simple as that just - Start the Action- !

We are Crisis managers and conflict resolution ambassadors

When exactly you have a crisis? Well a crisis is defined as any type of unexpected event or sequence of events that may have potentially undesirable or unwelcome consequences.

A first basic foundations of crisis management but also the most impossible one to achieve is preventing a crisis in the first place. Unfortunately this will not going to happen, because we can’t do magic.

What we do :

  • we analyze and minimize the risks and/or losses.

  • to make fast assessments and decisions, and if there is no other way, to choose the least worst option

  • evaluation of pros and cons of those decisions in a short period of time

  • act on them with confidence

  • and take calculated risks

  • find ways to soften the impact of potential damages in a wide variety of circumstance.

  • fine observer within mediation process

  • empathy with all parties involved to make sure the emotional concerns are met (strong emotions are blocking rational thinking )

  • assists the parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues in order to reach a mutually acceptable and beneficial resolution.

A second (but not less important ) basic foundations skill of a crisis manager is having a strong understanding of human personalities and people's responses in intense situations, and even understand the basics of human psychology.

Why psychology? Because dealing with people means dealing with emotions. In crisis situations different people are involved, all of them with different attitudes, opinions, and personalities which may lead towards extra complicated outcome.

In 90 % of the cases many individuals become extremely anxious and fearful. The ability to calm those individuals and in the same time to keep them encouraged and engaged with their productive contribution in ending the crisis, is one of the the most challenging aspects of being a crisis manager.

As Mediators we facilitate negotiation and settlement between disputing parties by providing direction and encouragement, working collaboratively with them to find creative ways to reach a mutually satisfying solution, typically a compromise.

Great, you made it so far reading !

Now you know who we are , what we do and most important, you know - We Are Here to Help !

Is there anything you would like us to assist or support you ? Let’s talk about it !

Contact us today !

Together we can and we will make things happen !

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