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Personal Consulting

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"

Viktor E. Frankl

Now more then ever we all go through challenging times due to global situation. Life in all aspects is affected by The New Normal. What happens at macro level inevitably affects us on personal level. Weather is family, social or professional,Life has changed, and it will no return to the previous form.

For the time being The New Normal is still intimidating, because is  constantly changing, and until will settle down we need to keep up with it and embrace adaptability at all costs because only by adapting and improving we can find our balance and comfort again.

Weather we call it Transformation, or Transition, or Change, or Upgrading, or Development is difficult to cope with. 

Some of us struggle with relationships, others with work, substance misuse, overcoming losses, or any other circumstance that disrupt our good rhythm .And since one area has impact in all other areas of our lives, the damages are substantially bigger then we even considered.

This is what we are doing here at The One Consulting & Mediation. We are here to help. As your personal consultant we will assist and support you through this Transformation, Transition, Change, Upgrading, Development processes. We will help you create strategies to overcome challenges that you are facing  and restore your calm, balance and comfort.

As we said before, by choosing to partner with us, not only you will benefit from our cooperation but all other persons that you are connected with. 

After discovering the benefits of our services, our clients are stating that they "can't afford NOT to have " our services.

And that is because we are handling sensitive topics, emotions, private and personal matters, that type of things that credit cards can't buy; they have to be achieved and we are here to support you with that.

By choosing us a your partner you will rest assure that you will get best creative solution, best innovative ideas, convenience and complete and total discretion.

All programs are offered in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian language.  


Lifestyle consultancy

"Progress is impossible without Change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything !"

George Bernard Shaw

Family lifestyle consultancy is a custom-made service design to assist adults in transition time.

Is the partnership you chose to have for assessing your current lifestyle , understand the aspect that one wants or must improve,  analyze the given options and supports you on your path towards reaching  personal or professional goals.


In transition times discover the advantages of New life, New perspectives, New beginnings

Life restyling events may occur any time. They might be the result of planned and positive events (having a child, start a new business, etc ) or unplanned events (most likely associated with dramatic, tragically  losses)  that cause us to leave behind the comfort zone and leads us to new ways of living . Depending on the Mindset that one has , one can choose between having either a Life Crisis or a New Beginning.

Happy Family
Lifestyle consultancy

Early personal  Development

I wish the best for my child !  By far this is the The Ultimate Wish of any parent , and is the perfect starting point to do something about it .

Good thoughts are essential for a bright future for our children , but unfortunately not enough. It is the perfect starting point , but it takes Training and Actions to see that wish come true.

What any parent should ask himself is : How can I help my child to have a good future  ?

You can help your child by making him ready for life, you can support him to create a unique Mindset that fits best his Own Will, his Emotions and Skills. Once the right Mindset is implemented, your child is safe and you can rest assure  his future will be the way it should be.

How exactly can you help my child ?  In case you decide that you need support  we are  here to help .

It is mandatory that at the launching of any of the projects bellow  the family relationship should be harmonious. Oder wise the tension and resilience of the parties will compromise the outcome of the project. If the family is facing  a conflict situation, this will be attended with priority via Mediation.

As every human is different, we must adapt to his current development level , cognitive and emotional intelligence level, processing speed and rhythm . Step by step there will be :

  • an initial self assessment ,

  • a detailed  SWOT analysis

  • Goal setting

  • personalized development plan that includes nurturing and implementing values like self esteem , positive thinking, solution oriented attitude , emotional intelligence , interaction and  communications skills , team work spirit, self control, responsibility , self awareness etc.

  • periodical outcome assessment , follow up to maintain and improve the obtained results

  • constructive workshops to encourage and support Leadership skills according to current trends

  • “Meet and greet”potential role model figures

  • Career path advisor

All programs are offered in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian language.  


The - Mindset- program 

Activate the right natural resources - age 5 to 12 years old

"The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out " Bill Gates Sr.

The Mindset program is a transformational , a change program that needs time and patience , but once installed brings huge benefits in all aspects of life.

One of the best achievement of this program is that is sets the base for a perfect tailored start in life.

Once the project is successfully implemented the next projects are seldom needed because the child already knows how to think and how to act in the unexpected circumstances of his constantly changing environment.

The Mindset program

be - the one - Program

 Choices are made and Real Life slowly starts - age 13-18 years old

"In the end we are our choices, build yourself a great story!"

Jeff Bezos

The focus point of the program is set on choices and decisions - that will craft ones future. It is a Transition time, a confusing time when individuals have to change from children to young adults.

Within this time the young individuals develop a strong will to decide for themselves , but they miss the practical knowledge .

The winning formula for a bright Future might be :

Their own mindset together with the right advisory regarding the practical knowledge (to protect their best interest ) should sustain their independence of deciding for their own life.

With the right mindset and the right advisory the young adults can make decisions and they can create the action plan for the years to come, because the risks were considered, assessed and minimized as much as possible.

Good to Know for Parents :

The best achievement of this program is that the child stops considering the parent as the enemy who wants to decide for his life , but a business partner who have the same interest as he does- the well-being, the happiness and the success in life and a lawyer who will always work for him , in defending his best interest.

Teenagers in Nature
Be The ONE program
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