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"Conflict is the beginning of consciousness "

M. Esther Harding 

            Human interaction will always generate conflicts because it is a dynamic process in need of growth, change, solutions, transitions and upgrading. Conflicts can be a regular part of our everyday life. It might sound scary but in reality it is not as bad as we think . The most innovative solutions often arise out of conflict.    

            Mediation helps people get what they need, whether it’s peace and quiet, family unity, a financial settlement, or just a chance to be heard. Our certified mediators are professionally trained and committed to promoting peace in our communities.      

Types of Disputes Handled by Mediation

  •     Family & Parenting ( Parenting Plans, Custody, Visitation and/or Child Support,Parenting Issues such as Discipline, Truancy)

  •     Housing & Neighbors (Landlord/Tenant, Neighbors Disputes)

  •     School & Youth (School Conflicts – Student to Student Conflicts, Special Education Mediation, Harassment)

  •     Working & Business (Co-worker Disputes,)

  •     Civil Matters – Debt, Personal and Business

  •     Breach of Contracts

  •     Property Disputes

           If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction and partnership  with us please ask for a price quotation      

           All programs are offered in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian language. 


  • Who are we
    We are a Boutique Consulting Firm offering consultation, mediation and support for international individuals and corporations with the Main Focus on Transition and Transformational processes. We are your reliable partner in solving issues thru Innovation-Change-Crisis management and Mediation services.
  • What are we doing
    We are solving problems. We are assisting you in complex, complicated or challenging situations. More explicitly - we can be your reliable partner when you must either review, reconsider and resolve an issue . Our approach is based on reshaping the conflict, in converting it from a threat or a fear into an opportunity. We are specialized in developing best practices that increase and sustain the Growth , Success and Well-being as well as offering valuable support for Change and Transition processes
  • Whom are our services for
    Our services are addressing individuals or corporations who find them self in complex, complicated or challenging situation. The conflict solving structure behind is based though on the corporation plan, it has the business approach because we like to keep things cleared stated, planned, implemented and easy to follow up with . One section of our services is dedicated to Expats individuals and families to make sure they have the proper support during life changing events, both for personal well-being and professional success. We are offering support to businesses, corporations, International Schools (employees, students and their families) so they can have a smooth and comfortable transition to new beginnings.
  • How will this be
    As stated above- the process will be structured. It will have a plan , and the plan shall be followed until the desired outcome will be achieved. Since our services include an array of different consultations topics, every consultation is custom-made, specifically designed and detailed planned according to the matter that needs our attention , but here are some common parts of what the process would look like for you : First, we listen . Our aim is to fully understand your needs and expectations, in details. Custom made solution. Just like how your challenges and objectives are Unique, are one of a kind, we decide and create together eloquent content and working material tailored to fulfill your specific needs. Straight to the point. Our terms , conditions and working agreement are simple, clear and respect & common sense based. Together we set clear goals, we trace easy to follow procedures and we expect fast achievable and long-lasting results. We are here for you . We have a genuine affinity towards supporting people, accompanying them in finding the right solutions for their needs and desires , and we have a natural skill of fixing things , regardless the topic. We are simply There For You ! We have good connections. We are not experts in everything, and we will never say we are experts in everything. If some of the matters need another opinion- we are gladly recommending one of our partners from our extensive network. Follow up, follow through. We consider collaborative follow-up briefings essential to every project. We make sure that you finish what you started and you successfully reach your goals.
  • 5 Stars Experience
    Our philosophy , our concept and our Aim is your full satisfaction. Over the years we developed and improved our Customer Support and Satisfaction policy to the State of Art . This is how and this is why we deliver bespoke services during our sessions or programs but also after that.
Fam Mediation

Family & Parenting Mediation 

For those things we can't take to Court

"The goal of resolving a conflict in a relationship is not victory or defeat. It's reaching understanding and letting go our need to be right. "  Larry James

Co-Parenting Mediation

If you have a disagreement about visitation, custody or child support, co-parenting mediation helps to separate parents to take control of their lives and make joint decisions about their children’s future.

Child Support Mediation

Children benefit from a stable and resilient relationship between their parents. Mediation offers a way for both parents to consider their individual needs and the needs of their children, while still being consistent with legal standards.

Parent/Teen Mediation

Mediation helps parents and teens ease tension in the home. We mediate issues like behavior, communication, curfew, and drug/alcohol use while maintaining confidentiality. Mediation supports families to sort things out.

Couples Mediation

Work out your differences if you’re in a couple. A trained mediator can help make difficult conversations easier. Couples mediation improves communication, rebuilds trust, and provides an opportunity to come up with solutions.

Eldercare Mediation

When an elder loved one requires a higher level of care, families come together to make decisions and prepare for a period of life transition. While difficult for any family, this can be especially challenging when there’s a history of conflict between family members. Emotions can be high, there might be concerns about strained financial resources, and the grieving process may be starting to take hold. Mediation offers a structured dispute resolution option that can be effective in supporting families during this critical time for issues such as health and medical care, finances, and living arrangements.

Housing & Neighbor   

We can choose our friends, we can choose or enemies, but we can't choose our neighbors

Do you have a housing or neighbor issue?





Shared Driveways   

Security Deposits   


Neighbor Boundaries and more

Mediation offers a chance for landlords, property managers and tenants to meet face-to-face and find creative solutions to a variety of disagreements.

After you request mediation, we will reach out to the other party and schedule a mutually convenient date and time to meet.

If the other party won’t meet, or if you’re not ready for mediation, try Conflict Coaching. You will meet with a skilled conflict resolution professional to help you manage conflict more effectively. Contact us directly to setup a Conflict Coaching session with one of our specially trained coaches.
We mediate a range of housing and neighbor issues including:


Neighbor Mediation

School & Youth  mediation 

We can choose our friends, we can choose or enemies, but we can't choose our neighbors

"The goal of resolving a conflict in a relationship is not victory or defeat. It's reaching understanding and letting go our need to be right. "  Larry James

School issues

Request mediation to discuss your child’s services, evaluations, classification, and behavior supports. Mediation is also a safe space to address related issues, like communication and trust. Our mediators support both parents and schools to address their differences and come up with creative solutions.

We will contact the parties to arrange a mediation session at a date and time convenient to all.

Restorative justice

(RJ) is a more effective approach to discipline than detention or suspension. RJ includes everyone affected by or involved in a school incident. It offers an opportunity for the impact of the incident to be discussed, for the students at fault to take responsibility and make amends, and for anyone harmed to have a voice in how to make things right. Contact us to request assistance with a school-related incident. We will coordinate with the school to arrange their participation along with others involved.

School & Youth Med

Workplace & Business  mediation 

We can choose our friends, we can choose or enemies, but we can't choose our colleques

"The goal of resolving a conflict in a relationship is not victory or defeat. It's reaching understanding and letting go our need to be right. "  Larry James


We provide a suite of conflict resolution services for workplaces and business. We mediate disputes between colleagues and among teams. Organizational Conflict Consulting tailors a custom process to meet your organization’s unique needs. This could involve environmental scans and initial diagnostics; stakeholder interviews; one-on-one conflict coaching; multi-party mediation; or group work.


Mediation includes working with teams, groups, or as few as two disputing colleagues. We walk your staff through a facilitated process that addresses their differences and charts ways for team members to work together. Our certified mediators provide structure and guidance throughout the discussion. Mediators ‘hold the space’ for frankness and conflicting views. We help your team think creatively and make decisions so they can get unstuck and move forward.


Workplace Conflict Coaching helps your staff gain perspective and develop strategies when addressing a workplace dispute. Through a confidential, one-on-one meeting, your staff can speak freely and get at core issues. Coaches map-out various ways to address almost any workplace difference and help staff approach a conflict with a plan

Work & Business Med
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